Optima LKV / AFM

Optima LKV is a private real estate agency in Vaasa. We offer active, safe, and secure service based in good brokerage practice. All offers and agreements are made in writing in Finnish/Swedish. You can also get in touch with us in the evenings and on weekends.

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  • Jonny Nybäck, Real Estate Agent (LKV)

     phone. 0103 202024



  • Katja Jansson, Real Estate Agent (LKV)

     phone. 0103 202023


Real Estate Agency Optima LKV
Pitkäkatu 32, 65100 Vaasa

phone. 0103 202020



Opening hours 

The office is open weekdays from 10:00-16.30.

We are also available by phone outside of normal opening hours,

given that business takes place during evenings and weekends.


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